Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Done! (to a turn)

Just a short post to let you know: Six weeks and two days, 1650 miles, thirty-three blasts of radiation are all behind me now.
March 25 was my last day. Interestingly, the two techs who had administered the treatments and who had been wonderfully efficient, but professionally distant, gave me hugs and wished me well and we were all slightly teary-eyed.

Then again, I’m an emotional basket case these days and weep at the dental implant ads on TV.

The radiation doc says the next one to two weeks may be my low point pain/discomfort-wise as my breast and skin react to the accumulated radiation poisoning. Unfortunately, I have had to return to work after having had the last week off for Spring Break. While it’s been a challenge, it has been a treat not interrupting my day for that 50 mile drive then having to go back to work.

I’ll see the radiation doc in two weeks for final check and then he will outline what kind of mammography schedule I’ll have for the next year or so. The thought of having my current tater tot of a breast being squished in the booby trap makes me quake. But at least I’ve still got a breast.

On the home front, Bob bought me (in addition to a Kindle) a Wii machine (that digital bowling, tennis, yoga game box that also lets you download and watch Netflix movies on your television.) But I asked him to send it back. It was too complicated and I don’t want to bowl by myself (I know him; he wouldn’t do it more than once or twice.) As for the movies….Well, that was a temptation. I do love movies. But hey, it’s getting to be summer I want to be outside smelling the flowers, watching the weeds grow in my garden or just sitting on my front porch counting my blessings.

He sent back the Wii and we went to Lowe’s and he got me a reciprocating power saw so I can prune the fruit trees.

Love to all,

Picture taken on the last day of my rads, one of Mom’s paintings in the background.  

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  1. So gald it is over for you! I love the picture! I hope you get to relax on the deck! It is still pretty cold here, but had a bunch of Cedar Waxwings in the back yard! They don't stay, just fly by. I have 2 cherry bushes in the back yard, we have a lot of fruit and crab apple trees in the area, I think that attracts them.