Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mom's obituary (it's pretty cool)

For a brief account of my mom's death, see my previous post.

For those of you who knew Mom, here is her obituary as it appeared in the Haxtun, Colorado newspaper. I think you'll agree, my friend (and Mom's), Jean Gray, editor and publisher of The Haxtun-Fleming Herald did a wonderful write-up. And Mom got a whole page outside of the church directory. It pays to have friends in high places!



  1. Rose;
    Your mom and dad have given Bud and I some great memmories! Besides teaching us a lot about goats!
    Will be thinking and keeping you in our prayers!

  2. I hope you got most of your learning from Mom. Daddy managed to get Tillie, his big Nubian addicted to tobacco smoke and used to tickle one of the other nannies to the point he was never able to milk her again. So when Bob starts to tickle me I'll yell, "You'll ruin a good milk goat!"