Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lousy Birthdays

Ask anyone with a birthday near Xmas how they feel about it, especially those born a day or two afterward, and the whining begins: “I never got a party at school; I got Xmas cards instead of birthday cards, I only got half as many presents….”

I suspect, like me, the celebrant came to feel insignificant in the face of the attentions paid to a somewhat greater preeminence.

I was born December 27, and, in a perpetual snit of jealousy, I haven’t “done” Xmas for years.

After a nice break, I returned to work this past Wednesday, January 2, only to hear this from a colleague, “Wanna’ know an even worse birthday than yours? Try today (It happened to be his.). Everyone is worn out and/or hungover from celebrating for two weeks, they’re broke and can’t afford more presents, they’re fat and grumpy, and on top of all that, they had to come back to work.

I felt better right away!

This was a milestone birthday for me; I turned 65. And while I may grump about my birthday, one benefit is that during the seasonal madness I can usually sneak under the wire of scrutiny of, “How old are you anyway?” But this year, urged on by some inner compulsion (advancing senility perhaps) I blabbed my age to everyone. I think I wanted to hear what I had in many previous years when asked my age,“No! Rose, you don’t look it a bit.”

Funny, I didn’t hear much of that this year. (As you can tell from the accompanying pic, I look like a little old lady, cute, yes, but definitely on the downhill run; digital photo editing can’t do everything!)

Speaking of cute little old ladies, I have a great role model: Mom, the original old broad, turns 90 on January 14. She’s perky and healthy and bright. She’s occasionally cynical and favors single-malt Scotch. (Hey, at 90, you’re entitled to both.)

If you think of it, send her a card or note of congratulations: Rachel Brown, 1100 Linda St., Apt 315 A; Fort Morgan, CO 80701.

She’d get a kick out of it.

Notions, Lotions, Potions

According to the experts, Arizona is in year 11 or 12 of a 20-year drought. Along about year five, I started experimenting with remedies to help relieve dry winter skin on my belly and butt and legs and arms. I was literally itching myself raw/scratching myself raw? Whatever. I was a mess.

If you google “dry skin remedies” you can take a peek at much of what I tried (except slathering myself in mashed avocadoes; those I eat.) but one single activity seems to have had the most benefit – I gave up applying lotions in favor of creams. And after trying several brands have settled on Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

Now, when I get out of my every-other-day (every 3rd day if I think I don’t stink too much) lukewarm, not hot, shower, instead of lotion, I dip into the one pound jar (I’d buy it by the barrel if I could) for globs of the fragrance-free, non comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) cream and paint generous amounts on my still damp bod. (Face creams are different; my dermatologist says retinol ones are a good choice.)

What remedies work best for your dry skin (besides moving to Florida)?

One other thing in recommending Cetaphil; it’s not made in China! (But, and I find this disconcerting, did you know that most of the vitamin supplements sold in America are manufactured in China, and you have no way of knowing point of origin because it’s not on the label.)

May 2008 be kind to you and yours.

Bye for now.

Aunt Rose