Saturday, March 24, 2007

Those dogged last pounds...

Last fall, after a summer of schlepping several miles a day in cute sandals, I developed a case of Plantar’s Fasciitis, more commonly known as Heel Spurs. I won’t go into the actual damage I wreaked upon my usually reliable feet, but I’ll tell you it’s a painful, burning in your heel that makes you want to get off your feet right now! And the podiatrist concurred that I should have listened to Dr. Mother Nature as that’s exactly what I needed to do. (That and wear ugly old lady shoes with orthotic inserts.)

As a consequence I did very little walking through the winter. That lack of activity, far more than a modest amount of overindulgence during eating season (October 31 – January 2), resulted in a five pound weight gain.

As detailed in earlier postings, I went on my not-so-world-famous Ground Hog diet.

And, as some of you may also recall, I don’t like to exercise while I am dieting because I think that’s just asking too much of a human being.

However I did rely on some old standby tricks to boost my calorie expenditures.

  • I got out my pedometer to establish a baseline measure of my daily steps.
  • I parked further from the door at work.
  • (And if we’d had any buildings in the whole of Navajo County with an elevator, I would have opted to walk up instead of taking it!)
  • I took to drinking bottled water to increase the frequency of my visits to the ladies room.
  • Also, I relied on an increased number of senior moments. You know what I mean: You rush into a room to do something or… was it to get something? Anyway, you’ve forgotten, so you retrace your steps back to whence you came to see if you can recreate the thought. And maybe yes, maybe no. But at least you got in 40 to 50 extra steps!
  • Additionally, I assumed major responsibility of door duty for our dog, Big-Un (that’s Biggie in the pic). I picked up probably anywhere from 50 to 100 calories a day by getting up to let the dog out and then let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in…

Nonetheless, I am “plateaued.” That last pesky pound standing between me and achieving my weight loss goal is just not going to come off without my adding real exercise to the picture. For me, that’s walking.

Thanks to my ugly shoes, my foot is better. And the weather’s warmer, and, if the truth were told, I actually love to walk once I’m out there. In town, I enjoy peeking in people’s yards and getting their dogs all excited (I carry a large walking stick). Or when we walk in the country sometimes we see other animals beside rabbits (antelope and coyotes most commonly), and I am always dragging home dried up animal bones or unusual rocks. (Someone will have to explain to me sometime the human urge to collect souvenirs).

So I am going to start walking again today. And if you wish to join me, please do. Just remember: wear decent walking shoes.

Too soon old; too late smart.

E-you later, darlings!

Aunt Rose


  1. Thanks for the picture of Biggie. She's a great dog. And I know loves the attention of getting to go out and then in, and then out and then in.....

    Hope the walking helps you to lose that last pound. You are an inspiration.

  2. Gee Rose, you're going to put the doggie door folks out of business. Biggie needs a big reward for having a small bladder! I,too have gotten back into the exercise routine after the cold weather and an even worse cold. I'm not sure how long my knee will hold out but I'm up for a new one when it gives up the ghost.

  3. What cool thing did you find on your last walk?

  4. I found three pottery shards on my last walk, but put them back after picking them up and touching them. I used to collect them, but it's illegal, and over time I had to really train myself not to bring them home. The bits of design on them are each unique, plus I like to feel them and think back on the woman who made them and what kind of life she lived when she was here.